The Analytical Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon, Author - Benjamin Davidson

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The Analytical Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon, Author - Benjamin Davidson

If there is a single work in addition to a good Hebrew grammar book that a student of the Hebrew Bible needs it is Benjamin Davidson's Analytical Lexicon. It is accurate and detailed and provides the researcher with every form of every word found in the Hebrew Scriptures. A 'must have' lexicon for every scholar who wish to check translation from Hebrew and Chaldean (Daniel etc) to English.

Every word is included in the Lexicon just as it appears in the Hebrew (Chaldee) old Testament. The meaning and grammatical explanation of the words are provided. This gives a feeling of surety when you get doubtful.

The first ninety or so pages of this book (prior to the lexicon itself) contain a description of the various verb forms as well as declensions of the nouns.

Author: Benjamin Davidson

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