Take Two Tablets Daily

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Take Two Tablets Daily

"You are trying to put me under the Law!" is a cry heard from many Christians when presented with the Laws and Commandments of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Is their cry justified? This book will help you to thoughtfully examine the precepts the Holy One gave to His people through Moses.

Read it and see that these laws were given for the physical and spiritual guidance of YHVH's people, Israel. They were given, not to punish them, but to guide them, that they might be the happiest, healthiest and most blessed people on earth.

Take Two Tablets Daily will give you a better under standing of these Loving Instructions. Lists the 613 Laws (according to Jewish custom) and shows the Scripture verse or verses from which each law is derived.

This little book also briefly examines the attitudes and teachings of both Messiah Y'shua and the Apostle Paul toward the Mosaic law. YHVH's Word is medicine and nothing is more symbolic of His Word than the two tablets on which He wrote His desires for us. Taken daily, these "Two Tablets" will give us life more abundantly.

Author: Angus Wootten

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