Final Shofar - Walk In The Light Series - Volume 12

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Final Shofar - Walk In The Light Series - Volume 12

When will the Messiah come and what are the signs of His coming?

Is there a Church that replaced Yisrael and who is the Bride?

In this highly acclaimed book, and the culmination of the Walk in the Light series, Todd D. Bennett discusses what is possibly the most intriguing subject of our time -- the end of days and the coming of the Messiah.

This book explores thousands of years of Christian and Jewish tradition concerning the last days and provides clear guidance from the Scriptures. This eye opening study examines the importance of knowing our past so that we are not ignorant of what to expect in the future.

(Paperback Copy) A 681 page book

14cm x 21.5cm

Author: Todd D. Bennett

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