Christianity Reconsidered

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Christianity Reconsidered

Is the Church today what Messiah intended it to become, or have other influences caused it to drift drastically off course? Can we really know what the original ancient course was? Christianity Reconsidered is the product of a former Christian pastor's examination into some of the centuries-old teachings of the Church. His findings led him to a decision that changed his life. In this book you will be challenged with evidence showing that: the Church was born long before Messiah was; it is important which day of the week you honour; the Jesus preached by the Church is not the Messiah of the Bible; the holidays of the Church have nothing to do with the birth, life or death of the Messiah; the first believers, including the apostle Paul, did not abandon their Scriptural foundation. If you are willing to take the challenge, you may discover that what you Know may not be so.

Author: Warren Bowles

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