The World To Come

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 The World To Come

People want to know the future. They want to know about Heaven and Hell.

Who is not concerned about issues beyond today's news? We want to know what the Bible teaches about The World to Come, an expression used by Jewish people.

Derek Leman has written an insightful book, exposing fallacies and false teachings that surround this extremely important subject. His explanations and thoughts paint a hopeful picture of the future and dispel many non biblical notions.

Some of his intriguing chapters are:

Magic and Desire,
The Vision of the Prophets,
Hints of Heaven,
Horrors of Hell,
The Drama of the Coming Ages.

This outstanding book offers a fresh, but old, perspective on the world to come, as it interacts with the prophets of Israel and the Bible.

Author: by Derek Leman

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