The Passover Papers (2nd Edition)

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 The Passover Papers (2nd Edition)

Destined to be a classic on the subject, The Passover Papers is a refreshingly new approach to the Passover time element problem - including exciting new material which finally resolves the discrepancies between the Gospel of John and the Synoptic accounts, new evidence on the meaning of the mysterious Hebrew term "ben ha-Arbayim," and a detailed examination of the Wednesday and Thursday Crucifixion theories. Rarely has a work come along so compelling in its exceptionally researched detail and common sense approach.
The Passover Papers is a milestone achievement - the outgrowth of over a quarter century of research and therefore required reading material for all future investigations of this stimulating, yet explosive topic. This landmark study will finally put to rest many of the obvious flaws of some previous works that have attempted to resolve this issue with highly questionable methods.

Author: Paul R. Finch

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