Israel's Feasts and their Fullness

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 Israel's Feasts and their Fullness

As Believers in the Messiah, how do we celebrate the feasts? Do we simply follow the traditions of our Jewish brothers, or is there something more we need to see about Israel's appointed times?

To answer, we need to ask ourselves why we celebrate. Once we understand why so many non-Jewish Believers now feel called to honor the feasts, our answer will show us how to celebrate. The answer to "why" will inspire us as to "how." Understanding why we celebrate will also encourage us and help us to recognize why we feel as we do, and will add a rewarding sense of purpose to our celebrations.

This inspiring book addresses the feasts for the people of Messianic Israel and offers suggestions for celebration-- whether you are alone or with great numbers. It also presents these truths in light of our faith in Messiah Y'shua and in light of the role we are to play in bringing restoration to all Israel. Chapters Include: Who Is Celebrating and Why -- The Return of The Prodigal, The Purpose of Celebration -- Shabbat, Burden or Blessing -- Havdallah, The First New Covenant Meeting? -- New Moons -- Celebrating The Four Passovers -- Unleavened Bread -- The First of First Fruits and the Resurrection -- Shavuot and Two Unleavened Loaves -- Yom Teruah and The Twin Silver Trumpets -- Yom Kippur and You -- Tabernacles and Y'shua -- Tabernacles and The Great Day.

Also includes Celebration Instruction pages for Shabbat, Havdallah and Passover.

Author: Batya Wootten

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Publisher: Key of David Publishing

Author: Batya Wootten

Soft Cover

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