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Tzitzit imported from Israel. The 'violet-blue' is authentic Tekhelet dyed from the Ḥillazon shell. See below.

4 Tzitzit to attach to 4 holes in a garment (like a Tallit).

12 Strings Total (Blue Included).

From Wikipedia:

Tekhelet (Hebrew: תְּכֵלֶת‎; alternate spellings include tekheleth, t'chelet, techelet and techeiles) is a "blue-violet",[1] "blue",[2] or "turquoise"[3] dye highly prized by ancient Mediterranean civilizations and mentioned 49[4][5] times in the Hebrew Bible/Tanakh. It was used in the clothing of the High Priest, the tapestries in the Tabernacle, and the tzitzit (fringes) affixed to the corners of one's four-cornered garments, including the tallit.[4]

Tekhelet dye was critical for the production of certain articles in the Jerusalem Temple, as well as for the commandment of tzitzit. Tekhelet is most notably mentioned in the third paragraph of the Shema, quoting Numbers 15:37-41. However, neither the source nor method of production of Tekhelet is specified in the Bible, but according to the Tosefta[6] the Ḥillazon is the exclusive source of the dye. The Talmud further informs us that the dye of Tekhelet was produced from a marine creature known as the Ḥillazon.[7]

A garment with tzitzit has four tassels, each containing four strings. There are three opinions in rabbinic literature as to how many of the four strings should be dyed with tekhelet: two strings;[8] one string;[9] or one-half string.[10] Knowledge of how to produce tekhelet was lost in medieval times, and since then tzitzit did not include tekhelet. However, in modern times, many Jews believe they have identified the Ḥillazon and rediscovered tekhelet manufacture process, and now wear tzitzit which include the resulting blue dye.

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