Torah for Children - Book 2 (10 pack)

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Torah for Children - Book 2 (10 pack)

Torah for Children is a series of books, assisting Torah observant parents and those new to the Hebraic faith to teach their children the way of YHWH in a Hebraic environment.

The second book in this series contains 152 pages and is now available and includes content of the life of Abraham. It covers Genesis/Bereshith 11 to 24. This book include short extracts from Scripture, simplified for children's comprehension, followed by either questions, puzzles, colouring pictures, activities, quizzes or many other activities, that will keep your children occupied and will stimulate their knowledge of Torah. The content of this second book is very similar to book 1.

Books can be ordered as single copies, as well as in packs of 5s, or packs of 10s.

All questions are covered by answers in the back of the book, so you do not have to put in too much work in teaching your children.

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Author: Petro Wolfaardt

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